How to add the Ok Alone Map Add-In to MyGeotab™

Please make sure you have the main Ok Alone Add-in setup first:

Here are the steps to add the Ok Alone Map Add-In to your MyGeotab account:

1) Install the main Ok Alone Add-In using the steps on this page:

2) Go to Administration >> System >> System Settings from the main menu.

3) Click the Add-Ins tab and make sure “Allow unsigned Add-Ins” is set to On and click Save.

4) Click “New Add-In”, paste the following json text, click Ok and then Save.

    "name": "Ok Alone Map Add-In",
    "supportEmail": "[email protected]",
    "version": "1.0",
    "items": [{
        "page": "map",
        "mapScript": {
            "src": "",
            "style": ""
    "enableViewSecurityId": true

Link to Add-In:

5) To view the Map Add-ins in a database, it is necessary to enable Feature Preview. In the MyGeotab portal, click on Administration -> Users -> select your user account -> UI Settings -> Feature Preview -> set to On -> Save Changes.

6) You can now open the map to view the Add-In.

7) The Ok Alone map add-in should load on the right of the page. Here you can view all your drivers, their status and locations.

To learn more about the Map Add-Ins, visit the Geotab Map Add-In Overview:

Any problems? Please email us at [email protected]