Android 8 App Settings and Permissions

When installing the Ok Alone app on Android 8 we always recommend accepting the default permissions and settings to get the best performance and monitoring.

Note: After changing any settings please restart the app and any shifts. If the settings are still not updating please re-install the app and accept the default permissions.

Here are the settings and permissions we recommend:

App Location Monitoring

For accurate location monitoring, we recommend you choose the GPS Normal setting.

With this setting, the phone will use GPS to provide an accurate location in case of emergency while battery usage is still minimised.

Android App Settings

We recommend you allow the app the following settings. To check these settings on your phone go to Settings >> Apps >> Ok Alone

Main App Settings

On the Ok Alone settings page, you should have these settings.

Notifications: Allowed
Permissions: Location

Location Settings

The location permission should be set to on

Notification Settings

We recommend you choose these notification settings