Safety Awards, What Does my Business Get Out of it?

In a major long-term study, companies that had the best corporate cultures, that encouraged all-around leadership initiatives and that highly appreciated their employees, customers and owners grew 682 percent in revenue

During the same period of evaluation — 11 years — companies without a thriving company culture grew only 166 percent in revenue. This means that a thriving company culture leads to more than four times higher revenue growth.²

 Average Increase for Twelve Firms with Performance-Enhancing CulturesAverage Increase for Twenty Firms without Performance-Enhancing Cultures
Revenue Growth682%166%
Employment Growth282%36%
Stock Price Growth901%74%
Net Income Growth756%1%
Results from Enhancement Study

Companies that recognise, encourage and celebrate those who have shown a positive attitude towards safety, will increase the likelihood of those positive attitudes and beliefs becoming shared values across the board. This will then result in the shift towards a positive safety culture.

A workforce can be motivated to think and act safely by encouraging worker involvement and collaboration. Providing regular reinforcement of ‘good safety practices and attitudes’ and promoting ownership and a sense of belonging amongst workers will benefit any business.