Connect Worker Actions from Ok Alone to Zapier

Lone Worker by Ok Alone Zapier Integration

The Zapier platform allows connections to be made between applications with no coding required. An application develops an integration with Zapier and allows users to create ‘Zaps’. Zaps are specific trigger->action connections that allow users to automate actions for emails, notifications, and now for Workers and Monitors on Ok Alone.


In order to connect worker actions to Zapier, a worker’s account must first be authorized by submitting the worker’s PIN to Zapier and creating a connection.
A worker’s PIN can be found under the ‘Workers’ tab on the Ok Alone dashboard:

Follow this link to the Ok Alone Zapier Integration:

Lone Worker by Ok Alone Integrations | Connect Your Apps with Zapier

Click the “Connect Lone Worker by Ok Alone to 5,000+ apps” button.

You will have a prompt pop up that needs a worker’s PIN to allow Zapier access. Enter the PIN and then click on “Yes, Continue”.

You will now have access to Ok Alone’s Zapier Integration and can begin connecting Worker Actions to your app of choice!