Data Usage for Ok Alone Apps

The data usage for the Ok Alone apps on iPhone and Android depends on the location setting that is chosen.

Workers have the choice of choosing between 3 location settings on the App:

  • GPS High – location update every 10 seconds
  • GPS Normal – location update every few minutes
  • Non GPS – location updates a few times an hour

We recommend using GPS Normal as the phone will send a location update every few minutes and uses less data than GPS High.

We ran some tests on GPS Normal, Non GPS and GPS High and the results are as follows:

GPS Normal and Non GPS Data Usage

  • The data usage is about 250kb (0.25 MB) an hour
  • This is approximately 10MB per 40 hour week.
  • About the same as one photograph per day

GPS High Data Usage

  • App used about 2MB/hour, or 16MB/day.
  • That’s about the same as 3 photograph per day

Phones use data to keep a connection with our systems to update the location, check in, synchronise settings and check statuses are updated.

Please note these are just estimates and the actual amount will depend on the phone type.