Cómo agregar el complemento Ok Alone a myGeotab

Here are the steps to add Ok Alone to your myGeotab account.

1) Login to myGeotab as an admin user or an account with permissions to install
add-ins and create users

2) Go to Administration >> System >> System Settings from the main menu

3) Click the Add-Ins tab and make sure “Allow unsigned Add-Ins” is set to On and click Save. Please ignore the red message – this will always appear for Add-Ins.

4) Click “New Add-In”, paste the following json text, click Ok and then Save.

  "name": "Ok Alone",
  "supportEmail": "[email protected]",
  "version": "2.01",
  "items": [
        "url": "https://geotab.okalone.net/addin/dashboard.html",
        "path": "ActivityLink",
        "icon": "https://geotab.okalone.net/addin/images/icon.png",
        "svgIcon": "https://geotab.okalone.net/addin/images/mygeotab-icon.svg",
        "menuName": {
              "en": "Ok Alone"
    "isSigned": false

Link to Add-In: https://geotab.okalone.net/addin/configuration.json

5) You should now see an Ok Alone button on the main menu, please click this and wait.

6) Please wait while Ok Alone sets up the system, this could take a
a couple of minutes.

7) Once complete you are ready to use Ok Alone and start adding your first drivers into the system.

Any problems? Please email us at [email protected]