Setting up a Group Escalation Procedure

An Escalation Procedure is a set of step by step instructions a monitor needs to follow if a worker fails to check in or requests immediate help. Within the Ok Alone system there is a hierarchy of Escalation Procedures.

What Escalation Procedures are there?

If someone has a Worker Escalation Procedure, it will take priority over any other Escalation Procedure within the system (Group or Company) and will be the information sent to their Monitor in an emergency.

If someone does not have an individual Worker Escalation Procedure, the system will then look for a Group Escalation Procedure and that will be the information sent to their Monitor.

If someone does not have a Worker Escalation Procedure or a Group Escalation Procedure, then the system will send out information from the Company Escalation Procedure to their Monitor.

Worker Escalation > Group Escalation > Company Escalation

How to Setup a Group Escalation Procudure

To set up an Escalation Procedure for a group click on Groups on the left hand menu on the dashboard.

Select the group you want to add the Escalation Procedure to by clicking Manage Group.

Click on the button Help me set up the Escalation Procedure.

Fill in the Make a Phone Call section by ticking the box below Who do you want to contact?

This will automatically call the Worker on their assigned phone number. Fill in the rest of the required fields using the drop down menus.

As the fields fill in for the group Escalation Procedure, it will show as one worker’s name with the following note:

To fill in the remaining steps of the Escalation Procedure, please visit  and follow the steps for Worker Escalation Procedure from the section Calling the Monitor.