SPOT Device Help

Ok Alone has helpful documentation about setting up SPOT devices to work with Ok Alone. Set up a SPOT X with Ok Alone Set up a SPOT G3 with Ok Alone Link SPOT to Ok Alone with SPOT’s Data Push …

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A number of different Reports are available for users who wish to gather data about how the Ok Alone System is being used. Many Reports can be filtered by date, monitor, and/or group. Reports are also available to be scheduled …

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Delete Workers

Batch Deleting Workers from your Ok Alone account Ok Alone has the ability to delete multiple workers at a time from your Ok Alone account. This can be useful for users that add many workers seasonally and need to remove …

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Feature Management

Your Ok Alone Features Ok Alone has many features that are available to users. Some of these features can add complexity to the dashboard and may not be needed for all teams. When a new account is set up on …

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Scheduled Delivery of Reports

get reports via excel

For those who need Worker Reports regularly delivered, an exported spreadsheet can be scheduled to be sent to a monitor or multiple monitors.

Windows/Web App for Workers

There is now a desktop version of Ok Alone available. Perfect for desk based lone workers who need lone worker protection.

Annual Party Case Study

We love hearing stories about our customers and how our system has helped them. Recently we heard the best story yet, our system saved somebody’s life! This is why we developed Ok Alone, so to say we were excited to …

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