How Drivers use Drive Mode

Drive Mode is a feature in Ok Alone that will automatically check-in someone if they are driving. This means they will not be disturbed while driving and do not have to respond to any alerts on their phone.

How to Set up Drive Mode

When you sign in to your Ok Alone account on the app, Drive Mode is automatically activated. You can manage this setting in the app in:

Menu >> Drive Mode

How Drive Mode Works

When you start driving Ok Alone will update the app and set it to Drive Mode: Driving, this can take 2-3 minutes once you start your engine. Once you are driving Ok Alone will automatically check you in.

Important Notes:

  • Check-In before you start driving
  • Make sure GPS is turned on
  • Choose GPS High or GPS Normal
  • A data connection is needed to update your drive mode status (Driving / Not Driving)

What else needs to be done? For Drive mode to work correctly your Geotab device must be linked to your Ok Alone driver account. Please speak to your supervisor if the app does not detect you are driving.