How Lone Workers Use Ok Alone

We are always looking for better ways to explain how Ok Alone works. We have always aimed to keep our system simple to understand and operate. This image shows how the Ok Alone system is used by lone workers.

How workers use OK Alone 2023

With the Ok Alone system, any worker can be kept safe using this simple process.

  • Start Shift – Worker starts their shift using the app or calling/texting in
  • Check In Due – Worker must check in at set intervals
  • End Shift – Worker ends their shift when they have finished working
  • Check In Overdue – Workers have a grace period to check in after the app alarm sounds. They may also get texts and call reminders
  • Check In Missed – The monitor recieves an alert that the worker has not responded and will attempt to contact them
  • Monitors Take Action – Monitor(s) or Live Monitoring attempt to contact worker and send help if necessary