Limited Coverage Mode – Using the App with No Data/WiFi

Ok Alone can help keep workers safe, even if they have limited coverage on their app.

If the worker tries to check in and there is no Wi-Fi or data our app will let the worker know this and automatically allow them to check in via phone call or SMS. Many of our clients use this feature, which works on both iPhone and Android.

How does Limited Coverage Mode work?

When a worker tries to update their status and there is no wifi or data, the App will automatically give them options to update their status via SMS or a Phone call – providing them with all the information they need. It will even automatically create the SMS for them.

The contact number will automatically be updated based on the worker’s country.

When is Limited Coverage Mode Necessary?

While employees stationed in bustling, metropolitan regions generally have dependable data connectivity, those operating in less populated, rural regions or buildings notorious for inadequate signal coverage might experience issues. In these circumstances, Limited Coverage Mode becomes an essential communication tool.

Ok Alone’s Limited Coverage Mode ensures uninterrupted safety monitoring for lone workers stationed in these problematic areas. If your lone workers frequently travel to distant locations with limited phone coverage, Ok Alone also works with satellite service providers to guarantee reliable global coverage.

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