Action Notices

Action Notices are notifications sent to designated monitors when workers perform certain actions. Unlike urgent alerts, which indicate emergencies or critical issues, Action Notices provide updates on routine activities and status changes. Why Use Action Notices? By keeping monitors informed …

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A number of different Reports are available for users who wish to gather data about how the Ok Alone System is being used. Many Reports can be filtered by date, monitor, and/or group. Reports are also available to be scheduled …

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Delete Workers

Batch Deleting Workers from your Ok Alone account Ok Alone has the ability to delete multiple workers at a time from your Ok Alone account. This can be useful for users that add many workers seasonally and need to remove …

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Scheduled Delivery of Reports

get reports via excel

For those who need Worker Reports regularly delivered, an exported spreadsheet can be scheduled to be sent to a monitor or multiple monitors.

Out of Hours Alerts

Our Out of Hours Alerts service lets you choose the monitors that should be alerted if the alert occurs out of normal business hours. Learn more about Out of Hours Alerts in this short video…

Alert Loops

Alert loops in Ok Alonw

The Alert Loop is a series of steps that will be taken if an alert is triggered. Alerts that can trigger the Alert Loop to run include Help alerts, missed check ins, man/worker down alerts and high-risk check ins. How …

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Monitor Access Levels

Within the Ok Alone System there are three levels of Monitor. The levels limit what a Monitor sees or accesses on the Ok Alone dashboard. These depend on the level of access a Monitor needs to carry out their role. …

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WhatsApp Notifications

Ok Alone has now incorporated WhatsApp into its lone worker system. Get monitor and worker notifications through WhatsApp when working alone. The system is available to use all over the world. This great service means your company and you can …

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