Multiple Daily Start Shift Reminders

Our popular start shift reminders feature has just been updated to improve it further. You can now add multiple start shift reminders for each day.

Why did we add Multiple Daily Start Shift Reminders?

This is after feedback from a school who had teachers that required reminders to start Ok Alone before each tutoring lesson. Start shift reminders are also useful for any company that has workers on split shifts, short shift work or who only use Ok Alone for certain activities.

The reminders will be sent via sms or email, and monitors can also get alerts to say that a worker has not yet started their shift.

How to use Multiple Start Reminders

To set a worker’s start shift reminders you can choose to edit the worker, scroll down to the bottom and click on “View/Edit Start Shift Times”

You will then be taken to the Start Shift reminders page. Here you can choose the days of the week, start and end date and the time of day for the reminder. When you click “Set Start Times” the shift will be added.

Multiple Shifts

You can choose the “Add Time” option from the drop down to add more times to a day. If you want to replace them all choose the “Replace Time” option. Or to remove a specific time, choose “Delete Time”.

To remove a specific time, just click on the x next to it. To clear multiple days, choose “None” from the times and apply it to the days in question.

Need Help?

If you would like help with this feature, please email us at [email protected] and we can arrange a walk though.