Shake for Help – Discreet Help Alert for Android

The latest version of the Android app – 10.3 has the “Shake for Help” feature. When enabled and a shift is running – shaking the phone will activate a help alert.

How Shake for Help Works

When Shake for Help is turned on the phone detects the shaking motion. When the phone is shaken and Shake for Help is activated, the worker has 10 seconds to check in. If the worker does not check in to cancel the alert, then a help alert is sent to monitors.

Alarm or Discreet Mode

When Shake for Help is activated the worker has the option for an alarm to go off. Some workers may want a more discreet alert or a louder alarm to show help is being sent.

How to Turn on Shake for Help

To Turn on Shake for Help make sure you have at least version 10.3 installed on your Android phone. You can then open the menu and select the Shake for Help option.

On the Shake for Help page you can then toggle Shake for Help on or off. We recommend re-starting a shift if you change this setting.

Shake for Help Sensitivity

We are currently working to tweak the settings for how much the phone needs to be shaken to set off a help alert. We have 3 sensitivity settings, Low, Medium and High. Low needs more shaking to set off the alert. High needs less shaking. If you find the alert is going off too much – please change your settings to Low.