Start and End Shift Reminders

Ok Alone tries to do everything it can to make our system as easy to use and user friendly as possible. Start and End shift reminders help workers manage their shifts when lone working.

What are Start Shift Reminders

A start shift reminder sends a worker an sms or email to remind them to start their shift. This means that you can make sure they being monitored when they are working.

What are End Shift Reminders

End shift reminders send the worker an sms or email if they have not ended their shift on time. This reduces the missed checkin alerts that can occur when a worker forgets to end their shift on time.

The reminders, SMS or email, occur 5-30 minutes (time chosen by Monitor) after a shift should have started or ended to remind the worker to either start the shift or end the shift. Reminders can also be sent to their Monitor.

How to Setup Start/End Shift Reminders

To start setting up a start/end shift reminder go to the workers profile and choose the Start and End Shift Reminders’ tab.

Click ‘View and edit start/End shift times’ for the Worker.

Once the new page opens scroll down and you should see a large calendar. Scroll back up to the top of the page.

You should see two options. If you are setting the reminders up for the first time click on ‘Click here to add/remove/Start/End shift times’.

A drop down menu will appear showing dates and days.

How to Setup a Workers’ Shift

If your worker was going to be working Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 8 am until 6 pm for all of September you would do the following:

  1. Click on the date in the first box. A calendar for that month will appear. Click the date you would like to start this workers rota from (2nd September). Click on the second date. A calendar for that month will now appear. Click on the date you would like the rota to end (30 September). At the top of the calendar next to the name of the month are arrows, you can click these to move along to whichever month you need.

2. You now need to choose the days that the Worker Along the bottom of the date and time boxes are the days of the week. These are already filled in. To unselect days click on the box and it will remove the tick for the days a Worker is not on shift. Make sure there is a tick in the box of the days you want your worker to work (Monday, Wednesday and Friday for our example).

3. Now decide what time the Worker’s shifts will start. Click ‘Choose a time…’ A drop down menu will give you choices in half hour increments. Click on the time you want (8 am).

4. As we are setting up a new rota you want to click on ‘Add a time’ and select ‘Add a time’ from the drop down. If you were updating an existing rota you could choose either ‘Replace Time’ to override an existing time with a new one, or ‘Delete Time’ to remove a time from the rota.

5. You then need to click on ‘Start Shift’ and select start shift. To save all your choices click on the orange button ‘Set Start Times’.

6. If you scroll down to the calendar at the bottom of the page, all of the start times should have been filled in on the calendar.

7. You now need to set up the End Shift times. Scroll back up to the top of the page. Click on The box that has ‘8 am’ in it. Scroll through the drop down menu until you find the time the shift will end (6 pm). Click the time.

8. Make sure the ‘Add Time’ is still in the next box. Then click on ‘Start Shift’. From the drop down select and click ‘End Shift’. . To save all your choices click on the orange button ‘Set Start Times’.

9. If you scroll down you will see all the end shift times have been added to the calendar.

Setting up how a Worker gets Reminders

Now you need to set up the reminders in case a Worker forgets to start or end their shift.

  1. Click on the ‘Click here to edit Start/End Shift settings’.

2. You will be presented with a few choices. To set the length of time waited before a reminder is sent to the Worker you need to click on the box that says ‘5 mins’. A drop down will appear and you can select your desired delay.

3. You will also need to decide if Monitors should be sent an alert if the Worker does not complete their action of starting or ending a shift. Click on the box ‘No’ and select either yes or no from the drop down.

4. Now choose how the Worker will be reminded. Either Email or SMS/WhatsApp. Select whichever methods you prefer by clicking the box. A tick will appear on whatever you have chosen. To save your choices click the orange ‘Update Settings’ button.

Quick Edits for Start/End Shifts

A new feature has been added that allows you to make quick edits directly to the calendar view rota. Click on the date you want to alter. It will turn yellow.

Click on the box ‘Choose a Time’. Scroll down until you find the time you are looking for. Select the time by clicking it.

Click the box ‘Start Shift’. This will allow you to choose either start or end shift. To save your changes click ’Apply Times’.

This can be used to quickly amend times that are already set in the rota. Times can also be removed by clicking the small ‘x’ next to each individual time.