Ok Alone Updates for September 2020

On the 1st of Septemeber, we rolled out some updates to the Ok Alone system. These are based on feature requests from customers and some improvements to make monitor’s worker management easier.

Improved Group Management

Within the Ok Alone system, you can create Worker groups. A way to group together people who have the same Monitor, work the same day, have the same shifts, or whatever else you need to group people for. We have changed the way Worker groups are created to make it an easier, more streamlined process.
Learn more about Group Management

Group Management info

Group Escalation Procedures

The Ok Alone system has a hierarchy of Escalation Procedures. We have introduced a ‘Group Escalation Procedure’ – a feature requested by lots of monitors, which allows everyone within the group to have the same steps that need to be followed in an emergency.
Learn more about Group Escalation Procedures

Group escalation

End Shift Reminders

One of our most requested features has now been added. Monitors can now send both start and end shift reminders. So workers can be reminded and monitors alerted when they do not end their shift on time. This should reduce missed check-ins at the end of shifts.
Learn more about Start and End Shift reminders

End Shift Times

Report Filtering and Exports

Reports can now be filtered on groups, monitors and a worker’s name. We have also added exporting to Worker Stats so you can see exactly how each worker is using Ok Alone each month.

worker stats export

Send SMS to Groups

Our popular worker sms tool has now been expanded so you can send sms to groups of workers.

send sms to groups

Learn more about these features and many other aspects of the Ok Alone system on our docs website: http://docs.okalone.net/