Safety Awards, What’s In It For Me?

Well, first off and most importantly, this system could literally save your life (see Annual Party case study).

Secondly the Ok Alone lone worker solution helps you stay safe and allows you to log your safe practises and compete with colleagues and companies across the world.

Every month your Ok Alone activity is reviewed, and you are awarded a number of badges for features used and milestones reached. You are also awarded a score out of 100. This takes into account a number of safety factors including missed check ins, location monitoring, shift starts and check in reminders. You will then be able to compare your ranking in relation to other workers in your company, your country and around the world.


To increase your ranking and become a Safety Champion, you must check in on time with no reminder alerts, have a high level of GPS activated, start shifts on time, use the Man Down and high risk features as well as others. You are not penalised for using the ‘help/panic’ button. Through using the system and having safe work practices, you will improve your score and have a higher ranking than Jim on your opposite shift!

Having the ability to say you are number one in your company, your country and the whole global community using the OK Alone lone worker system, is also really good bragging rights.