Flexible Grace Period/Alert Delays

For Man/Worker Down and High Risk Check-ins, a shorter alert delay, or grace period, could potentially reduce the safety of a worker by increasing the time they wait for assistance.

What are Flexible Alert Delays

With Flexible Alert Delays, there can be alternate times set for either a Worker Down call or a worker-set High Risk Check-in, ensuring that a worker in need will get help faster.

How to Use Flexible Alert Delays

To enable this feature please go to Extra Features on the sidebar under Settings.

Find the Flexible Grace Period / Alert Delay option under Dashboard Features.

Select this option and click the blue Update your Feature Settings on the bottom of the page.

Head to your Company Settings page under Settings. Your options are on the section titled Flexible Alert Delay / Grace Period. Here you can select the default Alert Delay, which applies to regular missed check-ins and the two new Grace Periods available for Man/Worker Down and High Risk.

Set the timers according to how you would like them and save them by clicking the blue ‘Update’ button. You now know that your workers will be safer because your monitors can react faster to any emergency situation.